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Fideles Christian School

We call Fideles a Christian Paraclete Model School. This is our own definition taken from the Scriptures which reflects the task of the Holy Spirit, the Helper, who “comes alongside” His people to help and assist them (John 14:16). We believe that Christian parents who desire to have a central place in their children's education, should have significant help for this substantial task. So, it is our work and ministry to bring the talents, gifts, and abilities of qualified Christian teachers, administrators, and staff “alongside” Christian parents to assist them as members of the family of God in the mentoring and educating of their children.

A Christian Paraclete Model School

We seek to accomplish this by providing an accredited educational program that parents and their children participate in by attending two days (lower school) or three days (upper school) per week of teacher-led classroom instruction. Then the remaining days of the week children work at home in "satellite classrooms" on assignments from their teachers done under the encouraging involvement and tutorial supervision of their parents. The school provides an accurate educational program with qualified teachers so that parents who partner with the school have greater opportunity to mentor their child in Christian behavior, disciplined work habits, and to guide their progress.

We believe this provides:

"The Best of Both Worlds"

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