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The History Room

 Our Father has a plan for us.

We have said that for Fideles one of our special concerns is to "call to the attention of young families the importance of Christian Mentoring and Education for their children". Another key concern of ours for both children and adults is to show how education and careers have meaning and purpose beyond what we may immediately grasp. Education, careers, and lives have rewards and far reaching implications that they may have never considered. Grasping that truth and vision requires that we lift our heads out of our preoccupation with our momentary desires, issues, and demands to look deeply into what God, Our Father, tells us about the past and the future. In other words History. We need to step back and consider the big picture. God made man to rule, multiply, fill, and subdue the earth when he stamped His image upon his being*.The history of the world is the record of man’s strivings (conscious or not, successful or not) to carry out God's purpose for him through the cultures, civilizations, governments, and economies that he has created. However, the underlying stage upon which this drama is set is the is irrepressible purpose of God’s love and redemption for a fallen race relentlessly manifesting His goodness in civilizations, governments , cultures, and moving toward a positive end for His people in a New World. Therefore, we study History in order to discover the hand of our Father in the Providence of time and His Image on men and women throughout history and in the people, places, and cultures that we relate to today. Our goal being to better understand and carry out that purpose for which he created us. Genesis 1:26-28

The late author, producer/director Michael Crichton is quoted as saying:


If he meant by that, if you don't know where we came from, who we are, where we are going, and how we get there, we would be inclined to agree. Which is why we devote a portion of our ministry to the discovery and the learning of God's History in The History Room.

History Room Topics

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