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Why Fideles?

Time with your children

The primary reason for our homeschool online program or 2-3 day per week school schedule is that we believe that parents need significant time involvement with their children's education. Parents need more time mentoring their younger children, so at the school they meet for classes only twice per week. Maturing upper school students, though still needing guidance and oversight from their parents, begin to develop their own individual responsibility and social relationships and therefore meet for classes three times per week. We utilize these methods, online and hybred school because we believe that parents ought to be recognized as, and to take responsibility as, their children’s first and most important mentor and teacher. Therefore Fideles will always have as a cornerstone an educational format that by design promotes that truth.

Significant quality help

Those parents who believe in and desire to have that role in their children’s lives, should have significant help in the substantial task of accomplishing of a quality education in their children’s lives. This is why we call the Fideles program a Christian Paraclete Network and School. This is our own definition and designation taken from the Scriptures which reflects the task of the Holy Spirit, the Helper, who “comes alongside” His people to assist and help them (John 14:16). It is our ministry and task to bring the talents, gifts, and abilities of qualified Christian teachers, administrators, and staff “alongside” Christian parents to assist them as members of the family of God in the mentoring and educating of their children. And we bring quality help -- our teachers have over 300 years of combined teaching experience, almost half of them have Master's Degrees in their fields, all are devoted Christians consistently practicing their faith.

An education that matters

As important as accomplishing an accredited transcript is for college entrance, it is really only a minimum standard when it comes to a successful education. College, career, and life long habits and character traits are being formed in these years. Realistic expectations of life after high school and later as an adult need to be communicated. A community of parents and teachers are needed to help in the molding process that is necessary to produce a successful young adult who will take ownership of his/her own future. Our model gives you a greater opportunity to mold these traits in your students with Fideles as a supportive partner. Fideles is committed to compassionately but realistically assisting parents and their students to achieve the educational standards and behavioral habits that success in our modern world requires. Our particular schedules with home days, allows parents to assist their students to begin to form independently responsible work habits. Many of our students have returned to us after their freshman year saying that their transition into college, unlike that of their peers, was not so difficult, but more like thirteenth grade.

An education for now and eternity

We believe the purpose of education for God’s people is to equip our children to be God’s benevolent managers. This should be accomplished first in their own minds, hearts, bodies, and actions, then later in their families, businesses, churches, social groups, government, and creation. Therefore their education must proceed from a Christian Worldview that is relevant, competitive and profitable in our existing culture. Also, it should apply what God has taught us here in this world while also keeping in view the future world He is preparing for us. It is our goal, as our students labor to learn their vocations, that they are also learning that “He (God) is a rewarder of those who seek Him” Heb. 11:6, that their “labor is not in vain” I Cor.15:58, and that “even now (they may)…draw a wage and harvest a crop for eternal life” Jn.4:36.

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