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Promise Life

What is the Promise Life?


The Promise of Life (Life never ending with our Father) ,The Promise of  'a New Life” (Identity, work, mission, abilities),

The Promise of a “People” (God’s Family), The Promise of a “Land” (The New Heavens and New Earth.


So, the term “Promise Life” in our Promise Life Educational Concepts  refers to God’s great Promise and plan revealed throughout the Scriptures. Beginning in this world and continuing eternally in the next, His plan is to restore His children to the Life and purpose for which we were created. Our Educational Concepts  envision our goal to assist families and students to lay hold of God's Promises of Life and Blessing offered to them for their futures, callings, and responsibilities.

As beings made in the Image of God (Gen.1:26, 27) , and sons and daughters now adopted into His Household (Eph. 1:5, 2:19), we are to imitate Him, share His character, (Heb. 12:10), and fulfill the work for which we were created as benevolent ruler/managers of this world both in this life and the next (Ps: 8:4,6 ; Gen: 1:26,27; Matt: 28:18; 2 Tim: 2:12; 1 Cor. 6: 2,3; Rev.2:26; Rev. 5; 9,10). Therefore, we see that the purpose of the education of God’s children is to equip them to be these ruler/managers - first of their own minds, hearts, bodies, and actions, then of their families, businesses, churches, government, and world. So, that education must be grounded in the revelation God’s Worldview revealed in the Bible. As well as adhering to the Promises found in the Scriptures, this education must also be relevant, knowledgeable, competitive, and profitable in our existing culture. It must apply what God has taught us here in this world while keeping in view the future world that God is preparing for us.

Promise Life Educational Concepts

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Promise Life Educational Concepts are individual and mini-series advisory booklets focused on different topics important to the raising and education of Christian children, Family, Faith, and the Church as understood through God's revelation and Promises. For access click on the picture button. 

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